Both you and your Lodge will have your donations attributed towards your individual and Lodge Honorifics.

Any Freemason can qualify as a Steward of the 2020 Festival by donating or promising to donate a minimum of £300 towards the Appeal.

Upon qualifying, you will be eligible to receive a Festival jewel free of charge. Over the remaining three years of the Festival, £300 equates to a regular contribution of just £8 per month.

If you have paid, or are paying, money into your own Lodge Relief Chest, this money can also be attributed to you once the funds have been transferred to the Festival Relief Chest.

The honorifics to celebrate and acknowledge financial achievements are as follows:


The Honorifics for individuals are as follows, and tax reclaimed under the Gift Aid Scheme counts towards an individual’s donation:

Masons Ladies
Stewards £300 £150
Vice-Patron £500 £250
Patron £1000 £500
Grand Patron £2000 £1000


Lodge Honorifics take the form of Ashlars, which are awarded once a Lodge’s Somerset Ashlar 3contribution level equates to the following sums per Member:

1st Ashlar £200
2nd Ashlar £300
3rd Ashlar £400
4th Ashlar £500

Find out how many Ashlars your Lodge current has on our Ashlar Table page.

For further information about the ways you can make a donation, please visit the donate page.

Gift Aid

Making a donation with Gift Aid means the MCF can claim an extra 25p for every £1 you give in the form of tax relief.

Gift Aid claimed on your donations contributes towards your individual honorific level.

To enable the MCF to claim Gift Aid, you must complete the Gift Aid declaration when donating online or when using one of the paper donation forms.

Gift Aid doesn’t cost you anything or affect any aspect of your finances or tax status. The MCF manages all the administration directly with HMRC. You must be a UK taxpayer to be eligible to apply Gift Aid to your donation.

You can read more about Gift Aid on HMRC’s Gift Aid page or you can contact the MCF’s Relief Chest team on 020 3146 3333.