Alan was suffering from severe pain and desperately needed knee surgery so he could walk independently again. Facing a wait of 26 weeks on the NHS, Alan approached the Masonic Charitable Foundation who funded the operation.

“I suffered from arthritis in my knees for two or three years, and it was getting worse. My doctor referred me to a consultant and scans revealed I desperately needed a new knee. I was put on a waiting list but heard nothing for three months.

Alan explained the constant pain was exhausting and he struggled to carry on with his Almoner duties.

I couldn’t stand up in Lodge to give my report. It stopped me from doing jobs about the house and I couldn’t do my gardening or go for walks. I was in pain all of the time and the painkillers made me feel sick. My whole life came to a standstill.”

Although Alan had been a Lodge Almoner for over three years, he was initially reluctant to ask for help.

“I’m so glad I asked for help because a grant to fund my operation and physio was agreed within a matter of weeks.

When I got the letter to confirm my grant had been approved, it felt like winning the lottery. To anyone who is in pain and entitled to support, please don’t hesitate. Pick up the phone and change your life for the better.”

If you are facing a long wait to receive medical treatment on the NHS, follow Alan’s advice and contact the Masonic Charitable Foundation.