When Clare’s marriage ended, she was left alone to care for her children, Henry, Polly, Flora and Oscar, who were all under the age of eight at the time. With an unexpectedly reduced income and sole responsibility for childcare, Clare wasn’t sure how they would manage. It was a very stressful time for the whole family, made worse when they lost their house soon after.

“I had no home, no husband and no money. I truly did not know how I was going to cope. But then my local Lodge Almoner got in touch and told me about the Masonic Charitable Foundation.”

The Masonic Charitable Foundation provided a package of support to alleviate the financial pressure the family was facing and reduce the negative impact on the children’s education. The package included grants towards daily living costs and specific grants for school trips, computers and extra-curricular activities. The Foundation’s support meant Clare’s children had access to the same opportunities as their friends.

Clare’s voice emanates pride when she talks about all that her children have achieved.

“Who knows how life would have turned out without the Foundation’s support? We had nothing, but despite the odds and having had such a tough time, they’ve all done so well!

Henry and Polly have both graduated from university; Henry hopes to be an Olympic Standard Coach by the time he is 25 and Polly is pursuing a career in mental health nursing. Flora is currently studying in Bournemouth and Oscar hopes to attend university this year.”

The Foundation has supported the family for 15 years and the support will continue until they no longer need it.

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