The WM, wardens and brethren of Corinthian Pillar Lodge 7552 had raised £34,950 and so qualified to receive their fourth ashlar, with their fifth well on the way.

W Bro David Maddern (PrGChSteward) was delighted to present W Bro Stephen Frost (WM) and W Bro John Warnes (ChStwd) with their new ashlar at the regular meeting of the lodge on Friday 15th September 2017, at the Masonic Hall, Yeovil.

David thanked the WM and congratulated the Lodge Charity Steward, WBro John Warnes, for his the excellent work in raising funds to achieve the Ashlar. He then went on to remind the brethren of how much the Province has benefited from the Grand Charity donations and how important it is to raise the same amount from the festival to put back into the Charity fund. He also encouraged members who haven’t already done so to set up a small regular monthly payment to help build up our contributions to the festival and for future Ashlars.

Corinthian Pillar Lodge 7552 Receives Fourth Ashlar